is print deadWhy Surely, most Americans spend a large chunk of their time online. Whether you surf the web, shop for gifts, watch cat videos, or interact using social media, you must admit that the web is where many people consume most of their content and information. So is there any need for print in modern society? Is print dead? Or is print still relevant? We believe the opportunity for print marketing has never been more compelling.

Engages the senses

There are two things you need to do to communicate effectively to an audience: 1. grab their attention and 2. hold their attention. In public relations and marketing the same theory holds true. In the digital space, ironically grabbing attention is becoming more and more difficult for professionals as the public is getting used to endless streams of content being shoved through their emails and social feeds. The competition in the digital arena is real and for good reason. This is where there is a huge opportunity for print marketing. Although humans have printed marketing materials for years, print’s ability to grab and hold attention has rarely waned in influence. Think about this: you might remember a good online video for a week or two, but a powerfully creative billboard can stick in your memory for months. And who is to say print can’t be interactive? With new printing, folding, and packaging technologies, print can build the most immersive experiences consumers can get their hands on. Check out some extra creative print packaging here.


Our society is quickly becoming more suspicious. Millennials are fact checkers and question everything. Research shows that people rarely believe what they read or see online, but that they will often turn to multiple online sources to confirm information. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that your organization’s voice on social media or even blogs (yes blogs like this one) may not have the same influence as it could in the tangible world. When people see quality print materials, they feel more inclined to think that the business is more serious about what they do, having invested more into their voice and appearance than a typical software startup. It’s like showing up to work in a suit rather than in jeans.

Getting Personal

Digital marketing often seems like being asked on a date through text message. Yes, we know it’s quickly becoming commonplace, but that doesn’t make the communication any more personal. On the contrary, when people receive a well-personalized direct mail piece or see a unique mural painted ad on the side of a local building, they experience much deeper emotional pull. One communication principle you should never forget with your customers is that the more you sacrifice to give or express appreciation in a relationship, the more it means to the recipient. This is why your handwritten birthday and Christmas cards are received much better than the eCards you sent last year. Sacrifice communicates beyond words.

Print is Exciting

Creative print marketing has unique power to generate enthusiasm. People love receiving freebies and buttons at events. They love banners, window perfs, and vehicle wraps. What you see when you’re briskly walking through a shopping mall or driving to work triggers memories and emotions that digital media can’t. Because we live in a physical world and will always have physical needs and experiences, print will not die any time soon.

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