This year’s PRINT 17 attracted exhibitors like Fujifilm, HP, MGI, Xerox, and Canon. And, naturally, Alexander’s! The PRINT show allows print companies like Alexander’s to see new technology within the industry. Plus, if companies like what they see, they can purchase new machines or form partnerships to use that technology.

Printing Impressions

Our business and executives caught the attention of Printing Impressions, the “most influential and widely read resource for the printing industry.” Printing Impressions covered the event, with a spotlight directly on our business.

We want to focus on some of the highlights of the article. However, you can read the full article here.

Alexander’s Visit

What brought Alexander’s to the PRINT 17 show? Our Vice President of Operations, Doyle Mortimer, considers attending these shows “a critical part of doing business.” Our top executives visit in order to view these new technologies.

In fact, some of the biggest benefits Alexander’s gets are the ideas from seeing that technology. Says Mortimer, “Often we see or hear something at the show that sparks new ideas that weren’t even directly related to what was there.”

Printing Impressions details how our dedication to innovation has paid off, and continues to do so. Because we go to these shows, Alexander’s can bring you technology like web-to-print, wide format, automated wedding invitations and wedding books, and an automated nationwide appointment reminder program.

Of course, we want to bring you more! So we will keep going to PRINT and other large shows to become a successful provider in the printing industry. In the words of Printing Impressions:

“[Alexander’s] is doing it all, doing it well, and using the relationships, technologies, and ideas it finds at PRINT to help stay on top of its game, and ahead of its competition.”


Want to take part in our innovation? Come see what Alexander’s can do for you. Contact us today, or drop by for a free tour of our facilities to get a glimpse of our technology.

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