Whether it’s part of a uniform or an event, shirts show off your logo and colors in a way that will help clients recognize your brand. And Alexander’s can help you print company T-shirts with our easy T-shirt printing process! We can fulfill any size order in a timely and quality manner–right on-site!


T-shirts create buzz about your event, especially when handed out beforehand. The design and style of your t-shirt (polo, button down, etc.) can not only help the appearance of your brand; it can also set the atmosphere for the event. If your shirts are exclusive to an event, make sure you know how many people will be attending. Plan to create a few extras in case someone doesn’t RSVP!

We created these T-shirts for our Customer Celebration event in May of this year. The bright colors and fun logo fit our Christmas in May theme perfectly, and made it easy for our visitors to recognize and locate Alexander’s employees quickly.

Also, it is wise to send your visitors away with something to remember you by. A shirt is a great, inexpensive solution. T-shirts alone can range from a couple dollars to a couple cents depending on the quality, and our T-shirt printing process keeps labor cost low. You can use your budget to make the rest of your event wonderful!


Branded company t-shirts and polos help solidify your look around your stores. Matching colors, fonts, and logos let visitors and customers quickly identify team members in case they need help.

Don’t have multiple locations? Want to strengthen your brand on-site? Giving your employees company T-shirts to wear around your facility helps visitors to your company recognize team members, even if they won’t be performing customer service. This is great for strengthening your company culture and your brand.

Company Shirts

Printed company shirts can double as a uniform, or they can stand on their own. The benefit of this flexibility means your employees may find reasons to wear the shirt outside your company. That means on-the-go marketing and continual publicity!

For this reason, you’ll want to do more than slap a logo on a plain T-shirt. You don’t want it to look too much like a boring promotional T-shirt, or it may just end up as a pajama shirt! That’s a lot of marketing effort wasted.

Another benefit of making your shirts fun is using them for the whole family! Alexander’s has printed small company t-shirts in the past for our team members’ families, including their kids!

Shirts for Your Business

No matter the event, promotion, or other use around your facilities, Alexander’s delivers. We can work with you to create a logo or design, or use your existing ones for brand consistency. Then with our simple process, we’ll print as many shirts as you need, from a small handful to hundreds.

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