Alexander’s is now offering rose gold foil for all your print embellishment needs! We have always prided ourselves on the excellence of our digital foil and spot UV varnish on our products. But we also seek to improve at every turn. One of the ways we improve is by giving you more options to enhance your products. Here is everything you need to know about rose gold foil.

The Color Rose Gold

A decorative palace that is plated in rose gold foil

Moscow Kremlin Egg – Stan Shebs, Wikimedia Commons, Feb 23, 2005.

Rose gold is used to define a golden color infused with red or pink–usually copper in the jewelry industry.¬†The color combines traditional pink–usually associated with femininity–with the golden allure of wealth. This makes it more appealing for those who don’t like pink, wish to appeal to a slightly different audience, or find it difficult to match with certain colors.

Rose gold is stylish and modern, and is a great way to update a design. But it’s also not a new color. Its last big heyday was around the turn of the last century, when it appeared on Faberg√© eggs, namely the famous Moscow Kremlin egg. All colors have their trendy periods, but rose gold will likely always have that association with expense.

Over the last few years, it has appeared in the designs of phones, jewelry, hairstyles, and even makeup. This trend on a variety of products has made it instantly recognizable and popular with a variety of users.

A biking card that includes rose gold foilOur Rose Gold Foil

While rose gold is a fairly feminine color, you don’t need to use it only with products you want to sell to young adult women. It also has a great vintage look–remember, it’s not a new color, despite what trends might show.

In regards to matching, rose gold goes well with deep jewel tones. You can see this in the poster, where we have layered the foil over deep blue using an eye-catching font.

We offer rose gold foil with all the same print products as our other foil colors. If you have a vision of rose gold foil on your products and advertisements, contact us today!



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