2018 PrintROCKS! Awards

What’s not to love about what we do? We want to share that with the rest of the printing industry and with you. Every year, we submit our pieces to various print competitions, including PrintROCKS!, part of PPI Association. PrintROCKS! showcases awesome print from companies in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah and Washington. This year, we gained seven awards and a “Mad Props” award for a marketing campaign we created!

Just as we wanted to show off our pieces to PrintROCKS!, we want to show them off to you!

Mad Props

Tektured Promotional Series

We received “Mad Props” for the promotions we created for our brand Tektured. This brand focuses on creating branded promotional products for suppliers to pass on to their clients. Tektured also emphasizes MGI digital spot foil and UV varnish, which we used on a lot of our promotional materials for this series!

The cool part about this award is that it’s 3D printed! We know our designer is very pleased to have such a fun award for his hard work.

Best of books, book jackets, and diaries

Big D Construction Anniversary Book & Box

Check out these stunning #HardCover books our team made down in the warehouse. Black matte combined with spot varnish gives the books a classy and unique look.

Best of Poster Design

IHC Grand Opening poster campaign

We used rose gold foil on these stunning posters. But the foil isn’t the only great thing about them.

Our designer took photos of local people participating in outdoor activities and created line art from them. He then layered these simplified color blocks over the original artwork to create something far more eye-catching than traditional “stock” photos.

Best of Point-of-Purchase Materials

Welcome Sign

We love our three-dimensional POP signs! Inspired by The Greatest Showman and the magic of print, this recent sign greets our customers with a stunning display of our capabilities and design. Using print in this way shows how much we love design at Alexander’s. We hope these POP and entry signs inspire you as you enter our facility!

Best of Invitations and Programs

Tektured foil and varnish open house

Part of our Tektured campaign, these invitations in clear envelopes invited clients to see how our foil and varnish work at our facility.

Because of this brand, of course we had to use digital foil and varnish on them! They look and feel like real tickets on a leather background, which makes these invitations extra-special to the recipient.

Best of Foil Stamping

Tektured foil finish guide

Another piece of the Tektured promotional series! This finish guide inspires potential and existing customers on how to use digital foil and varnish.

Each page has a side-by-side comparison of print with and without MGI enhancement. This makes the impact of digital foil and varnish much clearer, and highlights how clients could use them in creative ways–like creating a leather texture, simulating a glass of water, or making realistic sprinkles on a glossy glazed donut! It’s a short but sweet look into the power of touch marketing and design using MGI finishes.

Best of Promotional Campaigns, Business to Business (Digital)

Tektured sample kit

The final, major player in Tektured’s promotion, the sample kit has it all. A notebook with both foil and varnish, foil samples, a sturdy luggage tag, and a docupad you can brand to match any business. The kit itself comes with plenty of useful information about the products and services offered at Tektured. Plus, it uses foil and varnish as well! One of the most interesting things about it is how we’ve used varnish to simulate stitching on the case and a glass compass, making this whole kit feel exactly like a travel bag.

Best of Promotional Campaigns, Consumer (Digital)

Legend’s Boxing boxing ring

We know the value of interactive, interesting packages and campaigns at Alexander’s! For many of our clients, sending a plain box or a postcard just isn’t enough. We stepped up with this Legend’s Boxing campaign. The box opens up to a little boxing ring and comes with a pair of boxing gloves. It’s perfectly crafted to excite and interest their target audience.

These winners will go on to the PIA Premier Print Awards. Winners of this contest will receive statues of Benjamin Franklin (called “Benny” awards)–two of which we’ve won before! With so many entries, Alexander’s hopes to gain new recognition for our design and technology.

Do we have your attention yet? Contact us today to learn what we can do for your business, promotion, or products!



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