Christmas Cards for Designers

If you're a designer, you have a different standard for your printed Christmas cards. You know your design is top-notch and unique for you, whether part of your company or as a personal project. With such high-quality products, you'll need a printer who can meet your needs.

Alexander's can help! Come to us with your designed cards first. Our paper, printers, and finishes can enhance your designs, making them stand out from the crowd. You won't have to settle for second-rate or poorly-done print jobs this Christmas season.

Our Print Quality

We keep our printers on-site, making it easier to keep track of projects on both our end and yours. This also means your cards and files stay in one location before going out--meaning fewer opportunities for error along the way.

You're free to choose a wide variety of paper and other substrates from Alexander's as well. The types of paper we provide are just as high-quality as our actual printing.

When we print your designs, we'll use our top-notch printers like our HP Indigo printers for the best color quality. With these, you'll have the Indigo speed as well--creating up to 4,600 color B2-size sheets per hour! Regardless of the size of your job, we can print your cards fast without sacrificing quality.

Finish Your Designs

Of course, as brilliant as card designs can be, you can truly finish them with Alexander's. Our MGI digital foil and UV spot varnish press allows you to enhance your designs the way ordinary printers can't. You can use varnish to make certain elements of your design pop, or foil for an irresistible shine.

We can cut beautiful designs into the paper as well, using either a die or a laser. These invitations look like lace on the edges, giving the cards a great look and texture.


Alexander's literally delivers! We ship out your printed cards to all recipients, saving you and your business that hassle.


If you choose to print your holiday cards--or products for any occasion!--with Alexander's, know that you'll receive the quality and special treatment that matches the hard work and thought put into your design.

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