How to Host a Successful Book Launch

Whether you've self-published or traditionally published, having your book in print is a big deal. And what better way to celebrate and market your book than via a book launch?

Set Publishing Date

First things first, set a specific book launch date so that your friends, family, and future readers can know in advance when your book will be available. If you're traditionally publishing, this is most likely a date the publisher will set for you, so your job is to know when it is and to promote it! If you are self publishing, you can pick the day of your choice! Aim for a date far enough in the future that you've got time to prepare and spread the word.

Choosing Your Launch Type

There are a variety of ways to host a book launch, so it's up to you to pick what will bring your book the most success and you the most joy. If you're launching a cookbook, planning a picnic in the park might be a fun way to launch. Or, if you've got a fiction book coming out, consider hosting your party at a bookstore or library where you can meet readers, share pieces of the story, and hold giveaways.

You can also consider online book launch parties, hosted on social media where friends, family, and fans from across the world can come together to ask questions, glimpse sneak peeks of the book, and win prizes!

Promote on Social Media

Once you know what type of party you're having, be sure to promote it! Is it a private party for you and your close friends? Create a private event. Or, if this is a public launch party, make announcements on social media.

Remember, this book launch party is a great way to promote your book and even sell copies! Let your attendees know in advance if your book will be available for purchase, how much it will cost, and what form of money you accept (cash, check, card?) so that they can come prepared.

Lastly, if you're hosting a public party, ask friends to share the information and spread the word!

Party Time!

When the launch day finally arrives, remember to have fun! Book launches can be stressful, but are also exciting! Expect the unexpected, and don't let a shortage of food or a rainy day get you down.

Show Gratitude

Before the launch officially ends, remember to show gratitude - to those who supported you, those who bought your book, and those who have helped you every step along your journey to publication.

Be Yourself

A book launch is a great opportunity to promote your product, but remember, it's not all about buying and selling. Have fun. Be yourself. Let your passion for your book show through your actions to inspire your readers to get their own copy. Remind yourself that these are your readers, this is your audience, and you are here to provide them with a service (your book!) - not the other way around.

And if people don't buy, if the book launch flops, that's okay. Make a note of what worked, what didn't, and learn from your mistakes so that the launch of your next book will go off without a hitch!

Need Books for Your Launch?

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