Some years ago, multiple companies and businesses fled print for digital. They surrendered postcards and mailers for text, email, and phone. While this seems like a logical and profitable choice, history has proven that marketing can’t rely only on one or the other.

Why Go Back to Print?

As digital technology progresses, it can be hard to see why businesses should go back to using print in their marketing. However, you should consider the following:

Print and direct mailers, for one, are far more visible than an email that can be easily buried in an inbox. For another, printed media succeeds through the use of touch marketing. This could be as simple as holding the paper itself, using paper with an interesting texture, or adding spot varnish or foil.

Many customers, especially with businesses that send reminders, prefer print. Print helps strengthen memory in multiple ways, helping them keep important appointments and make payments.


One example of a company that made the switch to digital is Dentrix. For more than two decades, this business has helped dentists nationwide. When they switched to digital, their processes implemented software-driven reminders, using emails and texts. This helped patients remember to keep their appointments, which in turn kept costs down for dentists.

But thousands of their customers still prefer printed reminders. ┬áSo Dentrix turned to Alexander’s for help.

Our web-to-print automation technology integrates with Dentrix’s database to manage online ordering. Once an online order is placed, we print and deliver the personalized, full-color dental appointment reminders directly to dental patients around the globe. Now, these patients use personalized, full-color dental appointment reminders, automatically shipped to their door.

What’s more, Dentrix helped reduce staff costs for their dentists by an estimated $1 million per month. That, on top of fulfilling 12,000 postcards daily, made it more than worth it to return to print.


Automation for Any Business

The most effective marketing for your brand, as shown by Dentrix, is to combine print and digital together. In today’s world, neither can stand alone.

Alexanders’ web to print services help make your printing and fulfillment easier. With print, we can also make your marketing efforts much more effective. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn what we can do for you and your business.



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