Web to print continues to grow in the print industry, and the model used by Alexander’s has attracted the attention of Printing Impressions. This resource is the “most influential and widely read” in America’s printing industry, so to gain their attention is something Alexander’s is proud of in its pursuit to be a leading web to print company. We’re happy to share our success with you!

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Printing Impressions

Logo for Printing Impressions relating to Alexander's being a leading web to print company

Web to print, as Printing Impressions puts it, “transform[s] the business model” print companies use. Web to print pushes a business to be more efficient, which “no other type of print manufacturing technology” accomplishes.

Printing Impressions reached out to four printers who use web to print, including Alexander’s. In fact, they called us the most experienced of the four! That’s a great privilege to have drawn so much notice to how we work with this print technology.

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Our History as a Web to Print Company

We built our storefront from scratch in 1999. Then, in 2000, we launched Divvy, which has operated on web to print since. This has given us nearly twenty years of experience with web to print.

We’ve been able to tailor it to our clients’ needs and watch the technology grow since then.¬†We needed more flexible software to fit our needs and the needs of our clients. Doing it ourselves gave us that freedom.

Alexander’s and our Divvy brand have become well-known problem solvers in the web to print industry since. We service high-volume clients, such as national franchises and clients with large-scale print campaigns. This is something we couldn’t have done without pioneering our own storefronts all those years ago!

Web to Print with Alexander’s

Currently, web to print makes up 10% of our total business. Someday, though, our president Jeff Alexander hopes that the business we generate from these online storefronts will reach as high as 90%.

Want to join our many clients who participate in web to print? Contact us today to learn how our software and services can fit your needs!



Alexander's is a full-service print and fulfillment and marketing communication firm in Lindon, Utah.

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