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Alexander’s in the News: Top 100 Quick & Small Commercial Printers

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When a printer has been around as long as Alexander’s has, and grown as much as we have, it’s hard not to make waves. Every few months, we make a big splash in the printing world! Whether it’s a project we’ve created, or just doing our best, we tend to get attention. And in June 2018, we made Printing News’ Top 100 Quick & Small Commercial Printers.

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Printing News’ Survey

According to the article found in the June 2018 issue (page 10):

“Every year, Printing News invites commercial print owners to participate in the Top 100 Quick & Small Commercial Printers survey. This survey takes a look at the state of the industry as presented by commercial print owners across North America.”

That survey was given to Alexander’s. And, to our pleasant surprise, we made the top 10!

Top 10 Quick & Small Commercial Printers

These top businesses made the list for Printing News:

  1. Duggal Vision Solutions
  2. Ironmark
  3. Firespring Print, Inc.
  4. Tapecon, Inc.
  5. Alphaprint, Inc.
  6. Strategic Factory
  7. Label Impressions, Inc.
  8. Alexander’s Print Advantage
  9. Atest, Inc.
  10. Allegra Marketing Print Mail

#8 isn’t a bad place to sit out of 100 other similar printers!

The article details our success. For example, we had 18% growth last year alone, which shows we’re growing fast within the industry! In fact, that’s the highest growth rate in the top 10 alone!

The Future of Print

The article shows that the printing industry–despite all claims that “print is dead”–is actually growing at a slow but consistent rate. That rate is about 2-3% for 2018, and it’s going to continue to grow after that!

We’re especially going to continue growing at Alexander’s. With that 18% growth rate, we’re accelerating around 6 times faster than average.

Stay tuned with our blog and other Alexander’s news to see how we’re going to grow. Thanks to our 125 fantastic employees on-site here, growing is going to be easy. And, as always, thank you–our clients and customers–for helping us reach these incredible heights!

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