What is our plan for our new building at Alexander’s? Jeff Alexander and Vice President Doyle Mortimer offer insight into how Alexander’s plans to grow.

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Q: What will the space be used for?

an announcement for our new builidng

Primarily, we intend our new building to house fulfillment and shipping/receiving, and to serve as warehouse space. Moving these two departments into a more open area will help them be more efficient, especially as we want to turn our existing warehouse into mainly a production area.

Reorganizing our warehouse space is also a key goal. Giving each department its own storage will help them become efficient and provide everyone with the materials they require for each project right away.

The new building will also contain office space, making it a multi-functional building just as our current one is.

Q: How long has this been in the works?

We have been planning this expansion for over one year with an architect. However, it’s been in the works a lot longer than that. When Jeff Alexander bought the land for our Lindon facilities, he prepared for the chance to expand. This is why we had such a spacious back parking lot and grassy lawn.

The original construction plans for our facilities also included the space which is now becoming our addition. So, in a way, this has always been in the works–at least, since we’ve been in Lindon!

Q: What is the timeline for this building?

roofing going in on our new building

As of the start of June, Alexander’s has been working with an engineer, architect, and the city of Lindon for 5 months. That meant five months of planning how long this project would take, determining where the building would go exactly, and getting permission to do it.

We hope that this building will have a fast turnaround. We’re keeping it as efficient as the rest of our in-house projects!

Building time will be around 8 months, with the projected completion taking place in January.

Q: What do we hope for this space?

We hope that shipping and receiving will be more productive. Currently, the area–while still efficient–is tight, and not as efficient as it could be. We also hope that some of the areas we reserve specifically for certain tasks or projects (like the printing, packaging, and shipping of wedding invitations) will be more productive.

We also hope for better organization. Different departments will have their own spaces, which will make for better sorting systems and, again, more efficiency.

Q: How do others benefit from this new building?

Alexander’s hopes to bring in up to 50% growth, up from 25% in 2017. We are bringing new jobs and new prosperity to our city, and we hope that this new building helps our community grows as well as our city.

Of course, our clients will benefit as well! The extra space for projects, storage, and machinery–as well as our plans for the organization–will make our processes more efficient. That saves you–our customers–time and money, and ensures you get a better product and service when you work with us.

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