This week, Alexander’s caught the eye of Printing Impressions, which covers the trends and technologies in the printing and graphic arts industries.

Over the years, Alexander’s has changed its course to reach “exciting and profitable destination[s].” We’ve benefited from altering our course and pushing ourselves ever higher in a changing, sometimes-risky industry. But we’re willing to face change, and it’s caught the attention of some big names in the printing world.

PI World’s Barbara A. Pellow, “a digital printing and publishing pioneer and marketing expert,” conducted the interview. Read the full article here!

Rising to Meet the Challenge

We have always striven for innovation in technology, starting with the Xerox DocuTech Jeff Alexander purchased in 1993. While that sounds pretty dated by today’s standards, it was a worthy investment almost thirty years ago. Now, Alexander’s invests in technology like HP Indigo printers to provide the best quality possible.

Finding and investing in cutting-edge technology isn’t our only strength. Alexander’s has made course correction a staple of our business practices. We recognize when we need to raise the bar or drop out of a market that isn’t doing so well.

However, we also know when we’ve found a good thing and when to stick with it through hard times, such as with our variable data technology. Now, franchises and wedding invitation businesses can use that same technology on their products and direct mail. They’re better able to connect with clients and customers, and we’ve given them personalization while saving time!

Whatever direction we choose to take, we make sure that we can continue to serve our clients and customers, giving them the advantage in the printing industry.

This isn’t the first time we’ve met with Printing Impressions! Check out our other interviews with them and with other publications.

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