Direct mail marketing has been around for a long, long time. From the mail delivery system of the Incan Empire to the start of the United States Postal Service 322 years ago, people love to send and receive mail. So why is it that in the past few years, digital posts and blogs insist that direct mail has hit its peak?

Print and Digital Campaigns

The best campaigns combine the best of print and digital. True, many of us are on our phones all the time now, so it seems like digital advertisements have power. But that only makes getting direct mail all the more special!

Sending something tangible is the best way to establish a connection and strengthen memory. Many customers, especially with businesses that send reminders, prefer print.

However, it’s best to follow it up with the power of social media and an attention-getting, easy-to-use website. Remember that people mostly do their shopping online these days! This is where you can use your direct mail to send coupon codes or provide a link to sign up for an appointment or shop online.

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UVU men's basketball ticket box with free swag sent as part of the athletic department's direct mail marketing campaign

Think Outside (or Inside) the Box

Many people think direct mail marketing is “dead” because they see only postcards going out. But a piece like this UVU box proves direct mail is not gone for good.

A box isn’t going into a pile of impersonal envelopes and cards. The size alone gets attention, and then if it comes in a unique shape or with interactivity, it’s going to gain interest from there.

A custom business calendar sent in the mail as a part of a direct mail marketing campaign.Variable Data & Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing offers a level of unparalleled personalization when it uses variable data. On an email or social media post, this can feel less personal and more “autofilled.” Though it uses the same principle, there’s something special about holding a box or letter with your name on it. It’s just one more thing tying a recipient to the mail piece, which offers a stronger connection to the business sending it.

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