Automation and Facing the Fear of Change

Many printers are reluctant to invest in automation. Why? They fear change. According to The Print Media Center's Deborah Corn, "[Printers] are fine with the way things are because they aren’t willing to tackle the hurdle of overcoming change.”

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But change is necessary for growth. And growth, painful though it can be, is necessary to helping our customers. It's necessary to helping you and your business succeed.

Alexander's Automation

These other printers are willing to stay in their old rut out of comfort. Their executives and employees have made comfortable habits for themselves. And while this might work for some of their clients, there will always be others who need more.

Alexander's moves forward with automation to improve both our business and yours. That has been our goal for almost 40 years now!

We started out as a retail copy center, which worked very well for us for many years. If we too had decided that we were comfortable, we would not be where we are today. Among our clients now are Chatbooks, Franklin Covey, Costa Vida, Covenant CommunicationsDentrix, multiple book publishers, and local universities like BYU and UVU. That's to say nothing of our international clients! Everything about our business has changed, and for the better.

Moving Forward

But even as we are, we don't let the fear of change stop us from progressing. In fact, we continue to improve our automation services almost annually! We keep looking for new processes, systems, and relationships. Tradition is a good thing--but not when it stops us from serving you the way we should.

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With Alexander's automation, you get the same quality--but faster. We automate and look for new ways to move forward, because we succeed when you do!

Contact us today to learn what our automation services can do for you and your business!

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