Many people think of print in the office as something boring and utilitarian or a frivolous expense they don’t need. They don’t consider what print is in between these two extremes. But office print collateral can liven up your company culture while serving a need.

Just because an item is useful doesn’t mean it has to be boring as well! Plus, items like docupads, journals, and signage are marketing in disguise. They carry your brand throughout the company and to your clients. Using your brand in company culture reinforces it, and utilizing it in an enjoyable product creates positive feelings.

Here are some items you might not have considered for your business print collateral.



Too often, someone on the phone needs to write down a number, name, or URL quickly. Valuable time or information gets lost in the mad shuffle for a notepad or other piece of paper. But rather than print another notepad or sticky note pad, try creating a docupad for your office! The perfect combo of paper and a mouse pad, docupads become a permanent fixture on your clients’ and employees’ desks. In the same movement, you can write down important information and click on a link to best assist your client on the other end of the phone.

Unlike simply using a large notepad as a mouse pad, docupads stay put on your desk with a small adhesive strip. And it won’t get your mouse tracking dirty!


Journals and notebooks

Everyone needs a notebook at work: whether it’s to jot down ideas, take notes at a meeting, or just to doodle in order to listen better. Rather than letting your customers and employees get journals elsewhere, give them a notebook or journal suited to build your brand and promote your company culture.

With our variable data, we can put your logo on any design. Or, we can design a custom cover perfectly suited to your brand as seen above. Putting your logo or colors on a cover will help strengthen your brand every time these journals open!


Decoration and Signage

Sometimes dismissed for being unnecessary, decor and signage throughout your company is actually essential. Signage is one of the best ways to brighten your company culture with print. Emphasize your brand to your guests and employees with mission statements and logos. Encourage both groups with specific customer praise for your company and products. Knowing that your company has done well and that you know where you’re going will help your business thrive from the inside out.


Your office doesn’t have to fit into either the dull or the frivolous and expensive. Alexander’s can help you create great products to reinforce your brand throughout your office. Contact us today to learn more!

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