By now you’ve probably heard about the Benny awards, but just in case you haven’t, let us tell you a little bit about them. Their official name is the Premier Print Awards, and they come from the Printing Industries of America. These awards are given to the printed pieces produced with the highest quality.

Did we mention we won two Premier Print Awards this year?

Despite its name, The Printing Industry of America accepts nominations from all over the world. While thousands of printers compete, only a couple are recognized for each category. Let’s just say, it’s better than the Oscars.

The first award presented is the Best of Show. This is given to the product that scored the best in that specific category. Alexander’s won this prestigious title in two categories, Digital Printing—Campaign and Large-Format Printing. For more information about these awards read our article. Here is one of our designs that awed the judges.

This invitation comes from the customer celebration campaign that we did back in May. Check out how we made the invitations, gifts, pinata boxes and fiesta kits.

The PIA also gives out awards of recognition for the second and third place winners. We received three more of them for our unique designs and quality publishing .

What does this mean?

Well first, it means we got free dinner and some shiny trophies. But more than that, it means we are one of the top competitors in the world. We went head-to-head with thousands of the best print agencies in America, Great Britain, Brazil, Australia, among others, and we won.

According to the Printing Industry of America, “Skilled printers take their time to  check and double check each aspect of the submission to be sure all cuts are even, all binding is secure, and all colors are consistent. An honor from the Premier Print Awards means the object was superb.” It was an honor for us to be recognized multiple times at the show this year.

Alexander’s Print Advantage is intent on producing only the best and highest quality. If you want your name to stand out among thousands, print with us. We know what it takes to win that special title. Our designers and team are always at hand to help with any project you have.

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