We can never know what is exactly going to happen in our future. Yes, experts can make predictions but we all know that those seldom transpire precisely as forecast. Because of this, we have to have the ability to roll with the punches and know how to focus on your response when dealing with difficult circumstances.

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“When things are going well, many people think they are actually in control of events. That’s why they feel so defeated and depressed when things turn bad. They think they’ve lost some fundamental ability. The most consistently successful people in the world know they can’t control events – but continually work toward greater control over their creative responses to events. Any period when things are uncertain is an excellent time to focus all of your attention and energies on being creatively responsive to all of the unpredictable events that lie ahead.”

– Dan Sullivan, Strategic Coach


You will likely have a variety of emotions when you’re facing a tough situation that may make it harder to be yourself. While it is impossible to just make these emotions disappear, choosing to accept the situation you are in can help you be more composed. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can act. Take action and your feelings will change.


Evaluate your situation and determine what problems you are facing. From that point, game plan what you can realistically do to solve the issue. The key to this is to always focus on being productive. If you get stumped, one trick is to think of how someone you respect would handle things if put in your shoes.


As mentioned in previous blog posts, uncertain times are exactly when you likely need to look toward innovation rather than sticking with what has always worked. Don’t recreate the wheel, but take a hard look at the trajectory of your entire business and determine ways that you can do things differently to create new opportunities. This includes examining products, operations, messaging, etc.


You can’t expect to solve all your problems or have every outcome turn our in your favor. Be realistic in your expectations and don’t burn yourself out in the process. Do all that you can to put forth your best effort and that is all you can expect of yourself. If things don’t end up exactly how you planned, you can’t beat yourself up or you risk halting all the progress you’ve made.


Inspired by The “Scary Times” Manual by Dan Sullivan and Strategic Coach, this is the eighth installment of the Strategies for Success Amid COVID-19 blog series focused on 10 strategies to help support growth and positive thinking during uncertain times.

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