During stressful times, it’s easy to get so lost in your work and the hardship that you’re left in limbo instead of benefiting from continual progress. Instead of trying to keep things the same during an ever-changing landscape, this is an opportunity to grow as you focus on who you can be.

“Many people define themselves by external circumstances. When these abruptly or unexpectedly change, they don’t know who they are, so they keep trying to be who they used to be. From now on, take your cues from the inside – from your dreams, ideals, values, and operating principles. These need never change, regardless of the circumstances. Take advantage of external confusion to become self-directed, self-managed, and self-motivated.”

– Dan Sullivan, Strategic Coach
Graphic - Forget about who you were, focus on who you can be

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused companies and individuals to do a lot of self-evaluation. This is where the trends start to pop up across your community and the country. While there are definitely reasons to join others headed in a particular direction, don’t be a sheep that just follows what everyone else is doing. Take this opportunity to assess your position and then, most importantly, determine what you can become.

Six Ways To Focus On Who You Can Be

1. Try new things

Innovation is a way that individuals and businesses set themselves apart from everybody else. This process requires you to start trying new things. Take the time to brainstorm and think outside of the box of ways you or your company can be better.

2. Imagine Yourself In The Future

If you don’t already have a broad idea of where you’d like to be in the future, this needs to happen now. Think about five years down the road… now 10… 15… and so on. Don’t worry too much about the future that it hinders your work, but it’s important to have goals that you’re working toward.

Already have your future planned? See if you need to make adjustments now to better accomplish your goals later. Or, you may need to change your plans based on what is going on in the present.

3. Figure Out Where You Need To Start

As you evaluate your goals, you’ll figure out the various steps that need to be taken to accomplish them. Determine what your first steps are and get working on them today!

4. Celebrate Success

Enjoy the journey. Laugh off the learning experiences and take an appropriate amount of pride in your success. Appreciating these moments gives you an opportunity to be aware of your progress and take a break from the constant grind.

5. Remember It Is A Process

Breaking out of existing routines or mindsets as you shift directions in life is never easy. We live in a culture that desires instant self-gratification. In the eyes of many, it isn’t worth it if it takes time and effort. Don’t be among that group. Work hard and be patient while understanding that accomplishing your goals takes time.

6. Let Go Of The Past

While the past does shape who you are, it should never hold you back. There are two aspects of the past that you need to ensure aren’t interfering with the future you want. First, don’t let past mistakes scare you from trying new things. You should learn from your failures, but that shouldn’t keep you from attempting something new. Second, don’t let your past success keep you from being innovative. Very few people and businesses can maintain their trajectory by continuing to do the same old thing. Be grateful for and build off of your past success, but don’t let it be your ceiling.  

More Strategies…

Inspired by The “Scary Times” Manual by Dan Sullivan and Strategic Coach, this is the seventh installment of the Strategies for Success Amid COVID-19 blog series focused on 10 strategies to help support growth and positive thinking during uncertain times.

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